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EZ-Out Chair Bed with Mattress

EZ-Out Chair Bed with Mattress

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EZ Out Chair Bed is a trademarked branded item for the bed itself with its unique features, it will go beyond the known benefits one might receive with a power lift chair.
Best for height 5'6 and taller. 

Product Details
  • Reclining Type: Power
  • Base Type: Lift Assist
  • Level of Assembly: Partial Assembly
Position Type
  • Position Type: Infinite Positions
  • Position Lock: Yes
  • Weight Capacity: 500+ lbs.
  • Seat Depth (Inches) 38
  • Seat Width (Inches) 40
Looking for options to ease the care for yourself or a loved one with mobility concerns, EZ Out Chair Bed is a fantastic solution. It also helps in self-transfers from bed to standing in independent living arrangements with all its safety measures. Because of the unique positions and motion of this bed, this cannot be attached to a headboard and or fit inside a bed frame.

For best performance, consumers should enter and exit the bed in the lifted chair position, or in the flat (horizontal) position. Avoid placing extra weight on head or foot section of the base, including when in the raised position. DO NOT STAND ON THE BED AT ANY TIME.

The included mattress is 6" thick manufactured specifically for use with the EZ Out Bed.

The included mattress fits within the included cover, the purpose of the cover is to keep the mattress safely and securely fastened to the base as it moves through all functional positions. The mattress is composed of two layers of premium foam. There are 2" of premium cooling gel infused memory foam to contour to your body for maximum comfort supported by 4" of premium higher density foam below. The combined layers provide a high level of pressure-relieving support while still allowing for the full range of motions offered by revolutionary EZ Out Bed base.

A mattress protector may be used as well. The non-padded support arm is included with the EZ Out Bed as well as the padded armrest.

Battery back-up allows a brief period of powered bed movement in the event of a power failure.

It also includes tools and hardware needed to assemble the bed. EZ Out Bed provides the functionality of a lift chair, lounger and bed while retaining the comfort and restfulness of a traditional bed.

A wired remote clips to either of the included non-padded arm or the padded armrest so it is always within reach. The remote allows the bed occupant to start from a standing position and be gently moved to a sitting or fully prone position for sleeping.

The remote includes head-up and head-down buttons with a variety of benefits including to help with snoring or breathing trouble due to cold or allergies; simply reading or viewing television.

To return to a vertical position just push the lift-up button for the bed to gently and smoothly bring you back up to a standing position.

Weights & Dimensions
  • Overall 13.75'' H x 74'' W x 37.5'' D
  • Seat25'' H x 40'' W x 38'' D
  • Full Reclined 79'' D
  • Legs12'' H
  • Arms 36'' H
  • Back Height - Seat to Top of Back 42''
  • Clearance from Floor to Bottom of Recliner 23''
  • Overall Product Weight 136.5 lb.
  • Minimum Door Width - Side to Side 32''
  • Required Back Clearance to Recline 12''
  • Guard rails: 24" W x 3" D x 13" H
  • Guard rails are 28 3/8" from the floor
  • The headboard is 45 1/2" H when fully raised
  • Footboard is 17 7/8" H when fully lowered to floor
This product is equipped with a polarized or grounded electrical power cord. The power cord will only fit into a grounded electrical outlet.

Do not open any control boxes, remote hand controls, motors, or other electrical components. The product warranty will be void it these components are tampered with or altered. Do not attempt to alter component wiring or adjust or modify the structure of the product in any way. Doing so will void the warranty. Any repair or replacement of base parts must be performed by authorized personnel.

This product is designed to be maintenance free. Do not apply lubricant to any part.

The lift motors are not designed for continuous use. Any attempt of continuous use will shorten the life expectancy of the product and may void the warranty.

The recommended maximum weight for the EZ Out Bed is 450 lbs. distributed evenly across the base. This product is not designed to support or lift this amount in the head or foot sections alone. It will lift this amount going from the chair position to the lift position. Note: Exceeding the recommended weight restrictions could damage the base and voids the warranty.

UL recognized components. CFR 1633 rated.

After un-boxing the bed, immediately safeguard the packing materials as they can harm small children and pets. To avoid injury, children or pets should never be allowed under the bed base. Children should never operate this bed without adult supervision.

This product produces a vibrating sensation. It is possible an individual with pacemakers may experience a sensation similar to exercise. Consult physician for information as to how this may effect you.

Do not use this base with tent type oxygen therapy equipment or near explosive gases.

In the event that service is required, service technicians are not responsible for moving furniture, removing headboards, footboards, or any other items required to perform maintenance on the bed.

During the operation of the bed, gaps (pinch points) are created. A child, person’s limb , or a pet can become entrapped during use and when base is in the raised position. Always keep gap areas (pinch points) clear and keep limbs on top of the base. Failure to follow this warning could result in serious injury or death.

There will be some humming sound during operation. This is normal.

The level of sound experienced during operation is directly related to the location environment. When the base is located on a hardwood floor the bed operation may be audible. To minimize this, place a piece of carpet or rubber caster cups under each leg of the base.

Easy Out Bed has a 10 Year Limited Warranty, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein.
The Purchaser must show original proof of purchase for Warranty to be valid.
The decision for repair or replacement of defective parts under this limited warranty is at the option and sole discretion of the manufacturer.
Year 1: Full Coverage of Parts and Labor (The complete bed including mattress)
This bed and mattress are warranted by the manufacturer against defects and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. During this time, the manufacturer will repair or replace, at no cost to the original purchaser, any part found to be defective by the manufacturer. During this period, the manufacturer through its designated representative ServeCo, will provide In- Home Service by calling 888-236-3044. Please have your original invoice / receipt in hand when calling with questions and / or request for service. Additionally, any mattress that is stained or soiled voids the warranty for the mattress.
Year 2-10: Full Coverage Mechanical Parts
During years 2 through 10, the manufacturer will offer mechanical replacement parts for any mechanical base part to be found defective. The purchaser shall pay all shipping costs for parts and installation labor related to the delivery and replacement of the defective part. The manufacturer’s liability is limited to the replacement of the defective mechanical parts only. This does not apply to the mattress, fabrics and foam, electrical components, lift motors, and massage motors or wood components. During this period, the manufacturer or its designated representative will provide in home service at customer expense if desired by the customer.
Additional Terms and Conditions
This warranty is void and does not apply:
· To any damage caused by user
· If any parts are altered
· If damage occurred during transit or by mishandling
· If product is subjected to physical or electrical abuse or misuse or any acts of nature
· If load capacity is exceeded in accordance with the Owner’s Manual
There shall be no liability on the part of the manufacturer and their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, divisions or affiliates for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or other damages, claim or loss not expressly covered by terms of this Limited Warranty.
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